Friday, January 27, 2012

Walkthrough pics with #4 and #5

To continue my countdown to closing:
#5 - 2 story entry - excited to have the open/dramatic entry, and big light up there.
#4 - Media Room - this would be #1 on my husband's list. We won't have furniture or equipment for this room right when we move it, but we'll get it going soon.
Here are some pictures from our final walkthrough today. It went well, and the project managers really have done a great job and addressed all of our concerns. But its really cruel to have the walkthrough on Friday - and the house is perfect and clean - except for a few minor things - but I can't close until next Tuesday. I'm sure the wait will be worth it but seems unnecessary right now. I've got the cash for closing, NVR has final approval, and Ryan's finished - so now I have to wait 4 days? I'll survive I guess ;)

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