Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yard update

After my last post, I met with the pm and the landscape supervisor, who made me repeat my concerns and acted as if it was new information. It had been dragging on 2+ months. They listened and we put together a plan, and executed it within the next week. They acknowledged issues with grading on the side of my house, and put down some new sod and 'filled in' the low part.

I'd also had an issue with my neighbors patio installers cutting my cable line. Don't want to get into that whole story, but when at&t came out to bury the cable, they ripped up my yard and damaged my sprinkler system in 7 places. Seriously? I have videos and pictures, and 1000 bill to repair my mangled/flooded yard. I had an open case with AT&T and hope to be able to get some reimbursement. They did not inform me when they would be there or have the utility lines marked.

On a positive note, we had a paver patio done (via neighbor recommendation) and they kills the weeds in my back and did a raised 400 sq ft patio. We are in love with our new useable backyard. The contractor worked fast and efficiently, and the price was good - we were happy to get that person to put sod in the back part of the yard (after grading and killing weeds)

In conclusion:
1. The pm came through finally.
2. AT&T's cable burying screwed me - open issue, any tips appreciated .
3. Patio, sod done in backyard - ready to use! My third car garage is now nearly empty since I have my table/grill moved to the patio


  1. Love the house. Looking into VF in a Ryan Home development. Any chance you could post the price each upgrade cost you? We like a lot of what you chose and were curious how much they each add to the base cost.

    1. I could post it or email you the PDF options list. Some sales reps try to avoid giving you the options list but I'm a CPA and wanted to do my own math. The cost of options adds up fast. Email me at if you want pdf. When we priced houses last year, the only vf elevations were a to e - I think there are lots more elevations now though and I'm guessing the cottage elevations are more expensive

  2. Ellen, thank you so much. I would love to see the PDF file. I sent you an email, so you can reply to that with the file, or post it here. Thanks again!