Saturday, February 18, 2012

2.5 weeks after closing

We have been busy unpacking and getting settled - love our house and neighborhood. We won't have sod until spring so that sucks with a dog - but we knew that would be the case. Pm finished our grading and did the plant package, and we are currently looking into a fence and patio. The advice I've heard it that it would be good to have that done before they sod/seed, so I'm aiming for that.

We haven't painted yet and I don't really have many decorating ideas yet. We had 2.5 inch faux wood blinds put on all the windows and that went great. All of our old furniture goes well, and we have lots of room to grow.

Here are a few pics of our new home:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In the last week, we've closed, moved in, and had a handy man do a handful of moving in projects. The house is beautiful and huge, and we love it. Our kids are adjusting well. Our dog will feel better once there are blinds on the window (he is a nervous wreck seeing and hearing everything that goes on outside the house).

In the week after closing, we've had:
-Ceiling fans installed in all 4 bedrooms and morning room
-2 garage door openers installed
-Water softener put in
-Battery back up sump pump installed
-Humidifier installed (incorrectly the first time...the HVAC company we used actually used duct tape to secure it to the furnace...and it fell off within 24 hours...but they fixed it correctly - with screws and sheet metal)
-Curtain rods and black out shades put up in kids rooms
-King bed delivered
-Fridge and washer/dryer delivered and installed

Also, the Ryan crew has done the final grading and put in the plant package (a week after closing). I'm glad that they did that so there is less they have to do in the spring.

We have been using paper blinds from home depot in the meantime - and they work great for a short-term solution. We are using Home Depot's installation service for blinds - installed later this week.

Here are some phone quality random pictures - including all the boring mechanical things we had installed this week - water softener, back up sump pump, dehumidifier. The bottom picture is the totally botched humidifier job ( The basement is empty right now, and the garage is half full of boxes. But we are on our way to being settled.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

House is ours!

We closed yesterday - it went smooth and closing took about 40 minutes. We did a final walkthrough right before closing, and everything looked good.

We aren't able to get sod or grass seed until spring, but the PM did get the lot graded so that's good. He said he may get the plant package in this week. I'm not looking forward to having no yard until spring, but that's what I get for closing in January. Oh well.

Overall experience - both SR and PM had been very responsive. There are a few things we weren't thrilled with (i.e. the location of the water heater/furnace blocking the path to my storage area), but overall, the house is just want we wanted.

Working with NVR was great for us - they required more documentation that the first time we bought a house, but they were on top of the information, and we were cleared to close a full week before closing (the papers were just sitting at the title company). I was expecting some last minute requests, but they never came.

We got a good mortgage rate - closing costs were higher than I would've paid if I had went elsewhere for a mortgage, but only by a few thousand (so using NVR to get the incentives of nearly 20K was worth it).

Today the movers are coming with our belongings that have been in storage since October - so that is very exciting for us to see our stuff again. I'll try to post some final walkthrough but before-moving pictures soon. But here's a few from my phone: