Sunday, January 22, 2012

Closing in 9 days

I got to walk through the house yesterday - it is amazing and so close to be done. I think we still need microwave/range, mirrors, 2nd half of gourmet island, 2nd half of kids bathroom vanity, painting the front door and putting the pillars up, and the two big light fixtures - dining room and foyer.

I was so excited to see the floors down that my brain stopped working. I didn't walk on the carpet in my dirty shoes, so I walked around the covered floor and didn't leave the 1st floor. Then, as I was leaving, I realized I should've taken my shoes off and walked around the carpet and the Other floors. Wow. At least my husband had a working brain and took pictures of the basement and 2nd floors. Here are some pics


  1. Your home looks beautiful so far! Your wood floors are gorgeous! Are they laminate or wide-plank wood?

    1. Thanks! The floors are laminate looking wood (and it was among the least expensive laminates that the flooring place offered).

      I had a terrible experience after putting hardwoods in my kitchen at my old house (scratching, denting - looked awful after 1 year...and looked near dead after 5 years).

      I still do love hardwood, but didn't want to spend more $ on those floors with two young kids - I'd like to upgrade my flooring once my kids are older.

  2. Everything looks great! Love those floors! Won't be long now - can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Looks great! I love the floors too.

  4. Everything looks beautiful. Look at all the shelves in your closet. We only have one shelf even in 2 huge master bedroom closets.