Monday, January 16, 2012

Resolution to two issues below and random pictures

Talked to the PM today and he explained that the fireplace was being moved today. I will go tonight and try to get a picture...

Also - the vanity in the 2nd bathroom - apparently the 2nd half of the cabinet is in the garage, and they are missing the longer countertop - but the guys 'went ahead and installed' the wrong smaller vanity on the half-cabinet. But the correct countertop is ordered and will be installed when it gets in.

So all good on the 'issues' front for today. I'll try to take pictures tonight if there is any light - but in the meantime, here two of the most random pictures ever that my husband sent me via phone last weekend. Random! The pictures kind of feature my lighting (I upgraded to the "Lighting Package B") and the Maple Cognac cabinets. Haha.

We both fail at getting good pictures for the blog... I love everyone else's pictures - they paint such a pretty picture of their building processes and issues.


Edited to add a few pics - kitchen (minus second half of gourmet island) and the fireplace hole after the 'move'.


  1. So glad to hear that your PM is on top of those issues. I really like that light. Is it above the bathroom sink? We stuck with the base lighting package and plan to work our way through the rooms and change them as we decorate. I've already have my eye on something for the foyer :). In hindsight, it probably would have been more cost effective to upgrade with RH. Please continue to share your photos. I loved the VF floor plan but the lot we chose could not accomodate it :( The foyer is awesome! Looking forward to seeing the finishing touches :)

  2. Congrats on your new home! You are going to love it - we love our victoria falls :)

    What part of Indy are you in? We are in Greenwood.

    It was an anxious experience for us since victoria falls is not typically offered in our community and we were the first victoria falls in the Indy area. It was hard to know what to expect because we had to visit the victoria falls model in Cincinnati to be able to know what we were supposed to get with the house. Luckily, our project manager was great and made the whole process a wonderful experience.

    Sounds like you got the 2nd bathroom vanity issue resolved, but you are right you are supposed to get the longer vanity. We did not upgrade anything in the 2nd bathroom and we got the full vanity with a single sink.

    Good luck with everything and let us know if you have any more questions. We are happy to help!

    1. Thanks FM - I'm so glad to hear that you still love your victoria falls! I wonder about how people are doing after they move in!

      We are moving into Somerset in Fishers - the Victoria Falls has gotten very popular there (we are the 4th VF to be built - and I'm guessing they have done about 10 houses in our neighborhood so far).

      I think we did get the 2nd bathroom vanity issue resolved - but if you see this - can you tell me if the lighting fixture is centered over the two 'halves' of the vanity, or if it is just over the sink? Mine is just over the sink - and I think that might look funny once they put the second part in.

      Our construction experience has be OK/good - I feel like because we were forced to do a reverse floorplan (Town of Fishers required it), there have been more bigger mistakes because their blue prints are for the standard model.

      Thanks for replying!