Monday, January 16, 2012

Closing in 2 weeks

I still don't have any good pictures, but maybe my husband will get some today since he is off work.

Lots of progress has been made - cabinets in, first coat of paint done, trim and doors are up, plumbing work done, electrical work partially done. We are very happy with the selections we made so far, and the house looks great. Both the Project Manager and Project Supervisor have been informative and great to work with so far.

However...we have 2 weeks to go, and it feels like there is still a ton left to do. And one major issue, and one minor issue (but it is important to me).

Major issue -
The fireplace is not centered on the side wall - it would be centered if we had no 4 ft extension - but we have a 4 ft extension... I brought this up at the pre-drywall meeting, and the PM told me that that was how the plans were and the model home was like that. Shame on me for not double checking that fact. I let it go and forgot.

Then, last week, the PM emails me and says they realized the fireplace should have been centered. This is a substantial change and amount of work for them, but they were willing to do it to make it right. We looked at it in person, and it does look bad not centered. So we asked them to fix and they said it would not delay closing. I'm skeptical but hope they can come through on this one in time. I appreciate their honesty and bringing it to our attention even though I'm sure this is a major hassle for them.

Minor issue -
The vanity in the 2nd bathroom upstairs is half the size of the one at the model (which I was told was the 'standard' un-upgraded choice). In the model, the vanity is a double-sized vanity with one sink and an extra long counter. I chose this instead of adding a double sink (which was a upgrade), and was told that I would get the extra counter space instead of the sink. The price of the upgrade wasn't that much - so it made sense to us that the upgrade price included adding additional plumbing for an extra sink and the faucets.

When we visited Friday, I noticed that the vanity was half the size of the model, with one sink, and no extra counter space. And basically a random 3 feet opening between the door and the vanity. I have emailed the PM and will follow up with a phone call today. I have pictures of what the vanity looks like in the model, and hope this can be corrected.

Hopefully, I will have pictures soon! Maybe even pictures of these issues. Both Ryan and NVR have been great for me to work with so far - and I hope I can say the same after closing.

Speaking of NVR - they have already given me a copy of the drafted settlement statement. I have to send paystub copies to them on Friday, but everything else appears to be in order. I'm glad they seem to have a better handle on it then my last closing experience (selling my house in November) - where we didn't have a draft settlement statement until an hour AFTER closing was supposed to start.


  1. I would be bothered by the cabinet issue just as much as the fireplace. You put a lot of thought and money into the deal and things should be done right.

    Congratulations on being so close!

  2. Seems idiotic that they didn't verify the fireplace placement, especially since you brought it up. BUT, if they fix's all good.
    Our general bath is the same, except the vanity is against the door wall leaving the space between the vanity and toilet. My wife prefers this to a longer counter (and more chance of mess from my boy). BUT, they did put the plumbing in like it was going to be installed next to the toilet. We caught it and had it corrected.
    Good Luck