Sunday, January 8, 2012

21 days till closing?

I don't have any pictures - just some updates from my PM via phone. I'm a CPA (see my 2nd ticker on the right), and I've started working later and haven't seen the house in daylight in while. We are locked out now - plus its dark by the time we (I) get home.

Per PM, the drywall is done, the house has been primed (maybe painted), and the house is 'live' (meaning working power and heat).

Next week - driveway and sidewalks to be poured, trim and doors to be done. That's as far as I got, but I'll plan to get updates via phone more often since we can't go out and visit more often.

Our model/elevation is getting popular - the last two houses before us were that model (Victoria Falls, elevation C), and now us, and then the next house too. Kinda strange since our neighborhood isn't that big (our builder is basically finishing the last part of a neighborhood started in 2004 since the old builder went under) - there are maybe 40 total lots left. Luckily, those 4 houses are spread out over the remaining lots.

It also looks like they've increased prices and changed around the models available - they've taken away the Bainbridge and Ravenna, and added the Capri. And I think the first Rome will be built soon on our street - I'm excited, I love that one!

Hopefully, I'll have some pictures soon! I hope to see some of the other bloggers closing/final pictures! I can't imagine how crazy it will be when we move will take us forever to get settled since its tax season and I can't take time off till April (unfortunate, I know).

All our 'stuff' (furniture, boxes) are in storage -- I can't wait to see all of it! Scheduled for delivery on 2/1 - and my husband will be home to direct them and unpack. I will never be able to find anything in my new house! :(

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