Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rate locked and some pics from pre-drywall phase

Locked into rate today - glad to have that decision behind me. Thanks to Gina, sgt rich and tammigirl for their input - it was kind of nerve wracking to make that decision in advance but I knew I'd be happy with anything under 4%.

We locked in at 3.875% for 30 yr conventional. Could've bought down for 3.75%, but it would've taken 10 yrs for the decrease in monthly payments to cover increase in the closing costs. I'm a CPA in real estate - so numbers games like that are fun for me (ha, i know that is sad).

Brick was started today, insulation tomorrow. Drywall next week after Christmas. Here are some pics
From the weekend before the predrywall meeting:

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  1. Congrats on the awesome rate!! I love your house gal. It's going to be beautiful! BTW-I am terribly jealous of the 3rd car stall. We had one on our last house but our new house won't have it. I loved being able to park both cars easily in the garage with plenty of room to store the kids' bikes and toys.