Friday, December 9, 2011

Framing progress

We finally have something that looks like a house on our lot! It seems like most bloggers comment that framing is so fast and done in a handful of days. That hasn't been our experience. It seems like it's taking forever.

Pm emailed 11/23 and said framing would start that weekend after thanksgiving and we'd see lots of progress in the next week. But we saw nothing - maybe 2 hrs of work.

The next week, we did see progress - it's taken 10 days (;plus the first 7 days of nothing) but they've done all the framing and windows and it looks awesome. Roofing looks next.

I think waiting has been more difficult because it's Christmas and we are in a temporary home and it's kind of depressing, but we are glad to see progress! Hoping to get a closing date soon. Or even a pre drywall date. Ha. Here are some pictures - first floor started on 11/29 and the most recent pic is from 12-9. We hope to walk through the house this weekend.

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  1. I feel ya, it's like you are in some time retarding state! We are living in a friend's basement and want to see progress!