Sunday, November 20, 2011

Garage and basement poured

Our waterproofing and initial plumbing is done - and they poured the garage and basement foundation. The house does look small - and it's the reverse floorplan of the model and we can't picture the layout yet.

The weather doesn't look very nice for the next week, so I'm betting framing will start after thanksgiving. No delivery of lumber yet either, but hopefully soon.

Here's the basement and morning room cut-out in back:

3 car front load garage

More basement - not sure what side this is - I'm all turned around since we are building a reverse floorplan of the Vic Falls

Where the front porch will be

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  1. I love the Victoria Falls - great that you got the three car garage too. None of the lots around us support a three car. The Victoria Falls also started over $20k higher than the Rome and with all the options it put it just out of reach for us. I think the Rome will end up working out better for us, but I will miss the front porch that the Victoria has.

    Looks like you have a nice lot too!