Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Form work is off

They took the form work off, and we have walls! I can't wait to see it - my husband went to see it and took this picture - the close part of the picture is the 3 car front-load garage.

I'll have to get over there soon (it's only 5 minutes away from our temporary house), but my 3 year old had her tonsils/adenoids removed this week, and I haven't been able to get there in daylight.

We are so lucky to have my parent's house to stay at - they don't live there full-time, so its essentially a furnished, but un-lived-in 3 bedroom ranch to stay in. There are definitely things we miss about our old home - and makes me really glad we picked certain upgrades with Ryan, and sad that I didn't pick others.

Upgrades I'm glad we did:
-Upgraded kitchen faucet to pull-out version - my parent's house doesn't have a pull-out faucet, and both my husband and I have been caught trying to pull out the faucet to no avail.
-Victoria Falls floorplan with full basement - this isn't really an 'option' but I can't wait to have seperate common areas (first floor/basement) from the bedrooms (2nd floor). Right now, my parents house has a split floorplan - and all the bedrooms border the great room - which means you can hear my husband watch "The Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story" from all the bedroom as we are trying to go to sleep. HA.

Upgrades I wish we did:
-Granite - Ryan's granite price seemed high, but for convenience, I wish I'd done it. My parents have standard Formica, and its no fun - it looks beat up and dirty no matter how I clean it. We had Corian at our old house - and I'd never get that again - it scratched too easily. We were spoiled with Corian, though - I thought I'd be fine with Formica for awhile, but now I don't think so
-Ceramic tile in bathrooms - we had tile in our bathrooms in our old house, and my parents have vinyl. It feels so cold and sticky (which probably means I need to mop...haha).

Hopefully I'll have more pictures soon!

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