Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Preconstruction meeting

We had our precon meeting today - our lot was finally staked and we got to see the land survey and the dimensions and easements. The meeting went well - our pm seems good and easy to work with. We went over all our choices and there were a couple things we needed to clarify or changed -

1. The recessed lighting on the pm's list didn't match our selections
2. The flooring in the basement bathroom wasn't ordered/selected bc we did the flooring selections before we decided to add the bathroom
3. The flooring of the house diagram showed the old wood laminate before the last change order

Sounds like we will break ground in 2 weeks - can't wait.

I also talked to nvr to change my down payment amount and get them documentation of the payments I have made to Ryan so far. It seems like lots of Ryan bloggers have had bad experiences, but so far so good - I'd even go so far to say that they've been great. The level of documentation they ask for is high - but I understand why mortgage co's have to be so diligent these days

Here are some pics of my lot -the back of my lot is behind the tree line


  1. That is a very nice size lot! Good luck.

  2. Congrats on a fairly smooth pre-construction meeting...the printouts that your PM had at the meeting will get posted in the house somewhere and that is what everyone will work off of. Our PM added a bunch of notes to clarify things to it as well...make sure those items that were missing get posted correctly as well or it could get missed again during construction...know when those items will be worked on and make sure you remind your PM about thing you didn't mention is communication. Have your PM give you weekly updates of what got accomplished that week and what to expect for the upcoming week...keeps everyone on the same page...we could email, call, or text our PM with questions and concerns any time and he always got right back to us.