Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Contingency released!

We have went over the timeline, talked to our realtor and decided to pull our contingency with Ryan and start building. If we start now, estimated completion is beginning of February. We have several very interested buyers for our current house, but nothing is a done deal yet. We had already gotten approved with NVR for both the new mortgage and our old mortgage (just in case), so we have to sign a couple papers, deliver a check, and we are off!

Our main concern was getting the basement foundation poured before winter. Given the current timeline, ground-breaking will be 2nd week of October - which is better than December/January in the Midwest.

We are very excited! Will post ground-breaking pics once we have them...


  1. Congrats on removing the contingency and moving forward...so very very exciting.

  2. How do I follow you? There doesn't seem to be a "follow" button that I am finding... =(

    Congrats on building and getting the contingency removed! Can't wait!